Thank you for your time and dedication to supervising a GCHEP Tour. It is HoHA's belief that participating in a GCHEP can be a rich and fulfilling experience for students and practitioners alike and we recognise that your personal development as a practitioner is as enriching as that of your students. 

As a supervisor, it is your responsibility to ensure that the students are respectful of the local customs and cultural norms and that the best way to ensure this is to live by example. Therefore it is a requirement that you also understand and sign the GCHEP Code of Conduct. This includes adhering to the dress code, dietary restrictions, and policies and procedures of both HoHA and the partner organisation. 

At all times you are required to respect the host organisation's decision regarding itinerary and safety concerns. Bear in mind that the itinerary may change and therefore you will need to be flexible and ensure that students are also aware of this. Your actions and response to events are important as they will determine how students and participants also react. If at any time, you have concerns regarding travel, programming, accommodation, or anything else please address these with the host organisation as soon as they arise. If you believe that the host organisation is not maintaining a healthy and secure environment, please contact Gabby at

Culture Shock

Culture shock is a very real experience that may affect each participant in a variety of ways, both emotional and physically. As a supervisor it is important to be able to recognise symptoms and know how to respond to the participant's needs. More information can be found in the Information Manual

Health & Safety

Basic information regarding health and safety can be found in the Information Manual. Although dietary changes may cause some stomach upset, the host organisation ensures that food is prepared safely and caters towards a western diet. Food safety cannot be guaranteed if students/participants decide to eat outside of the host organisation's control. Drinking water will be made available on site and throughout the programme.

Consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs is strictly prohibited whilst on a GCHEP Tour. As well as being culturally inappropriate and unprofessional, HoHA and the host organisation can not ensure the safety of participants if this is breached. 

Emergency Response

All supervisors must read and understand the Emergency Response Handbook to ensure that correct procedures are followed in the case of an emergency. In the case of any emergency, a HoHA Critical Incident Response form must be filled in and returned to the HoHA office. 

Important Documents

Information Manual
Policies and Procedures
Emergency Response Handbook

Obligations and Responsibilities 
Code of Conduct Form
Emergency Contact Form
Consent Form
Critical Incident Response Form