The people of Southern Rajasthan in India live in extreme conditions where water, food and healthcare are a continual problem. Years of drought and environmental degradation due to climate change have caused villages in the Araveli Ranges to become isolated and suffer health issues resulting from poverty, drought, tainted water supplies and malnutrition. They are among the most marginalised people in India. Furthermore, up to 70% of the ageing population around Udaipur require medical assistance for health issues. Most of the elderly live in isolated regions with younger family members often working away from the family home. Musculoskeletal problems are in the top 5 major health conditions for the elderly community with around 20% of older women suffering from painful symptoms of arthritis, kyphosis and spondylitis. 

HoHA began working in the area in 2009 with participation in treatment camps. Since this time HoHA has partnered with the non-government organization (NGO) Jagran Jan Vikas Samiti in Udaipur, Rajasthan to deliver Myotherapy training programs to local traditional healers (Gunis). The local term for this training program is Aaditherapy. The Gunis are trained in techniques to reduce musculoskeletal pain and discomfort. The HoHA initiated Sustainable Treatment and Training Program (STTEP) was implemented in 2012 to treat and train the community, while providing a sustainable income source to graduates.


Global Community Health Exchange Program

JJVS hosts a variety of student groups and volunteers from Australia and other countries. RMIT chiropractic students have been visiting the project since 2012, participating in a supervised program with an Australian registered Chiropractic supervisor. Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Nutrition students from Health Schools Australia, Australian College of Natural Therapies and Endeavour College also participate in these tours.

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